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$1,325,000 SFR Cash-Out Refinance Loan

In the realm of real estate, an experienced investor sought quick cash to fund another project and bolster cash reserves. This Queen Anne hill triplex, with stunning Lake Union views, was listed for sale. Instead of rushing into a below-market sale, the borrower can now maximize their sales price.

With a $1,325,000 cash-out refinance loan from Seattle Funding Group (SFG), this investor gains financial flexibility for their strategic endeavors. SFG’s support allows investors to leverage their properties, even when listed for sale.


Strategic Investment: An experienced investor optimizing cash flow for new projects.
Prime Location: Queen Anne hill triplex with stunning views.
Flexible Financing: SFG’s $1,325,000 cash-out refinance loan offers financial flexibility.
Investor Support: SFG helps investors leverage their properties for strategic purposes.
This case illustrates how SFG provides flexible financing solutions to meet investors’ strategic needs in Seattle, Washington.

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