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$4,600,000 Hotel Purchase Bridge Loan

In the realm of business partnerships, the decision to part ways emerged as shared property owners, primarily with gas stations and hotels, faced looming deadlines. In Bend, Oregon, a strategically positioned hotel with a strong occupancy history stood as a valuable asset. To enable a seamless transfer of ownership, a substantial $4,600,000 Hotel Purchase Bridge Loan was secured.

Of note was the impressive sponsor behind this acquisition, boasting extensive experience and a robust portfolio of hotels, backed by substantial liquidity. Recognizing the urgency, the sponsor turned to Seattle Funding Group for a swift solution to meet a critical settlement deadline, avoiding potential losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In this high-stakes business maneuver, we witness strategic decisions, financial expertise, and the crucial need to meet deadlines converging, all centered around the well-located hotel in Bend, Oregon.

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