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$4,200,000 Luxury Townhome Construction Loan

In the realm of luxury real estate development, an established entrepreneur discovered a prime opportunity in Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho—a spacious lot with stunning Bald Mountain views within walking distance of downtown. To seize this opportunity swiftly, the entrepreneur secured a $4,200,000 Luxury Townhome Construction Loan from Seattle Funding Group (SFG) in 2021. Subsequent approvals allowed for the subdivision of the lot, paving the way for two opulent Luxury Townhomes.

The project boasted a stellar team, comprising Magleby Construction and Williams Partners Architects, both renowned in Ketchum. The sponsor’s presale and marketing efforts for the first home strategically facilitated a seamless transition from a lot loan to a construction loan, securing funding in time for the ideal building season.

Key highlights:

Prime Location: The property’s A+ location added immense value to the project.
Expert Team: Magleby Construction and Williams Partners Architects ensured top-tier results.
Limited Inventory: Capitalizing on scarce properties in town.
Presale Success: Early success in presale ensured financial stability.
Design Excellence: Attention to design and furnishings guaranteed a meticulously appointed final product.
Experienced Sponsor: The entrepreneur’s wealth of experience and business acumen drove the project.
This venture blends strategic planning, exceptional talent, and a prime location, setting the stage for two luxurious townhomes in Sun Valley/Ketchum.

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