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$5,000,000 Retail Center Cash-Out Refinance Bridge Loan

In the realm of real estate investment, a local successful real estate investor found themselves in possession of the fully stabilized Burien Retail Center, free from any encumbrances. The call of other promising business opportunities beckoned, requiring a substantial cash infusion. Seattle Funding Group (SFG) swiftly answered the call, approving a substantial $5,000,000 Retail Center Cash-Out Refinance Loan to provide the necessary capital. Funding was promptly facilitated as soon as the title and escrow proceedings were ready to conclude.

Key aspects that make this transaction noteworthy include:

A fully stabilized and modern retail center, with residential condominiums situated above.
A meticulously balanced tenant mix, ensuring a steady stream of income.
A proven suburban location within Burien, Washington, a locale renowned for its reliability in the real estate market.
A high-quality sponsor, notable for both financial strength and decision-making capacity.
This transaction exemplifies the agility and strategic thinking required in the real estate investment realm, enabling the investor to seize new opportunities while maintaining the stability of their existing asset.

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