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$396,500 Retail Property Purchase Loan

Funded By: Silver Hill Funding

Closed Loan in Waterbury, CT: This successful transaction took place in Waterbury, Connecticut, showcasing our operational reach.

Property Type: Retail: The property involved in this transaction falls under the Retail category, demonstrating our ability to cater to diverse property types.

Purpose: Purchase: This loan served the purpose of a Purchase, facilitating the acquisition of the property.

Loan Amount: $396,500: The loan amount for this transaction is $396,500, underscoring our commitment to addressing various lending needs.

LTV: 65%: The Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio stands at 65%, reflecting a balanced and prudent lending approach.

Term: 30-Year Fixed: This loan offers a 30-Year Fixed term, ensuring long-term stability and predictability for the borrower.

Interest Rate: 10.250%: The competitive interest rate of 10.250% provides favorable financial terms for the borrower.

Broker Made: $10,247: Brokers involved in this transaction earned a significant commission of $10,247, showcasing the potential for lucrative partnerships with Silver Hill Funding, LLC.

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