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Val-Chris Investments

Secure real estate investments, creative private funding solutions, helping our clients for over 45 years.

Bridge Loan
California Lending Guidelines

Property Types 2-4 Units, Condo, SFR
Lendding Area california
Loan amount Minimum $50,000
Loan amount Maximum $4,000,000
Interest Rate Minimum 8.5%
Points Minimum 1st TD 2
Points Maximum 1st TD 3
Terms 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year, 5 year
Typical Days Required to Fund 6-10 Business days
Interest Only or Amortized Interest Only
Lien Position 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Prepayment Penalty 6 months
Intended Occupancy Tenant, Owner Occupied Primary Residence
Fixed or Adjustable Fixed
General Pricing or Guideline info CALIFORNIA LENDING GUIDELINES Same Day Quotes, Quick Funding (generally 10 business days). Loan Types: Business/Investment Purpose Loans/Loans to LLCs and Corporations Occupancy: OO and NOO Lien Position: First, Second and even Thirds Property Types: Residential (1-4 Units) and some Commercial. LTV: Residential – MAX 65% purchase, MAX 60% refi (LTV 65% may be considered with pride of ownership properties and higher credit score borrowers.) FICO: All FICO Scores work, or No FICO score considered Loan Size: $50,000-$4,000,000 Borrower Types: natural persons, Trusts, LLCs, Corps We offer Foreign National Loans Interest Rates: start at 8.50%. Loans are Interest Only Origination Fees to Val-Chris: Typically 2-3%. All loans are Stated Income/Assets. No tax returns, Bank Statements, VOEs, VODs. Loan Term: 1-5 years. Prepayment Protection Period: Generally 6 months (can be negotiated). Appraisals Required (BPOs may be accepted for very low LTV loans on a case by case basis).
Updated as of 2023-11-10
Program Code LG315

Summary of all Guidelines

Loan Types Bridge Loan, Hard Money Loan, Investment property Line of Credit, Rehab Loan
Property Types 2-4 Units, Industrial, Mixed use, SFR
Lendding Area arizona, california, colorado, hawaii, oklahoma, texas, washington
Loan amount Minimum $25,000
Loan amount Maximum $4,000,000
Interest Rate Minimum 11%
Interest Rate Maximum 14%
Points Minimum 1st TD 2
Terms 11-20
Interest Only or Amortized Interest Only, Amoritzed
Prepayment Penalty None, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year
Upfront Fees Appraisal, B.P.O. Broker Price Opinioni, Loan Documents, Other
Consumer Purpose Occupancy Types - 1st Mortgages Yes

Our long history in this business and our tremendous access to lenders allows us to make certain our borrowers get the best loans possible. Our many repeat customers attest to this unique benefit, and to our integrity and dedication.

Our dedicated staff has over 100 years of combined real estate experience in the loan brokerage, loan servicing and escrow areas. Our Irvine-based California office houses our loan brokerage department as well as our in-house escrow and a loan servicing departments which are there to meet the needs of both borrowers and investors. Over our 40+ years in business, we have always prided ourselves on fast turn-around and giving quality service to all of our customers.

Val-Chris Investments is located in Irvine, Ca.. They offer financing for Bridge Loans, Hard Money Loans, Investment property Line of Credit and Rehab Loans. The property type they primarily lend against is SFR, Industrial, Mixed use and 2-4 Units. Their minimum loan amount is $25,000. Their maximum loan amount is $4,000,000. They offer loans for a minimum Term of 1 year. Maximum duration of 11-20. Although rates can change they are typically lending at a minimum rate of 11%. Maximum interest rate of 14%. Points charged are deal specific, but historically have charged a minimum of 2.

These descriptions are limited information and meant for general reference purposes.
2601 Main St., Suite 400,