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$1,900,000 Luxury Residential Fix and Flip Loan

Funded By: Inbanet

Palm Springs Luxury Flip: INBANET recently provided swift and effective funding for a high-leverage luxury flip in Palm Springs. The loan amount of $1,900,000 covered a residential property with a remarkable 90% loan-to-value ratio, and the added benefit of 100% rehab financing. The borrower encountered challenges with prior lenders, facing unrealistic funding conditions that couldn’t be met. With time constraints and per diem costs accumulating, INBANET stepped in, demonstrating understanding and creativity to facilitate the funding process. Notably, Palm Springs secured funding in just 11 days, while Palo Verdes achieved this feat in an impressive four days. INBANET’s commitment to facilitating high-leverage fix and flip loans is underscored by this success.

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