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$1,350,000 Luxury Residential Fix and Flip Loan

Funded By: Inbanet

Palo Verdes High Leverage Luxury Flip: INBANET successfully facilitated the funding for a high-leverage luxury flip in Palo Verdes, with a substantial loan amount of $1,350,000. This residential property presented an attractive 90% loan-to-value ratio and the added advantage of 100% rehab financing, with $225,000 allocated for this purpose and no interest charges until drawn. The borrower initially faced impractical funding conditions from other lenders, unable to meet their requirements. With time constraints and per diem costs accruing, INBANET demonstrated exceptional understanding and creativity, making the borrower’s experience a vital compensating factor, a feat others had failed to achieve. An impressive four-day funding turnaround in Palo Verdes showcases INBANET’s ability to efficiently manage high-leverage fix and flip loans. For your fix and flip financing needs, INBANET stands ready to provide the maximum leverage possible.

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