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SD Equity Partners

Summary of all Guidelines

Loan Types Bridge Loan, Hard Money Loan, Rehab Loan
Property Types 2-4 Units, SFR
Lendding Area california
Loan amount Minimum $200,000
Loan amount Maximum $650,000
Interest Rate Minimum 12%
Interest Rate Maximum 12%
Points Minimum 1st TD 4
Points Maximum 1st TD 4
Terms 1 year
Interest Only or Amortized Interest Only
Prepayment Penalty 3 months
LTV Bridge 60
LTC Construction 100
Upfront Fees B.P.O. Broker Price Opinioni, Processing
ARV Rehab & Construction 80
Consumer Purpose Occupancy Types - 1st Mortgages No

Our Story

SD Equity Partners is a small family company owned by Evan and Liila Harris of Poway, CA. Evan and Liila used to fix and flip properties themselves, but they decided to get into the financing side of the business once they had children. Unlike other hard money lenders, Evan and Liila know exactly what you’re going through since they’ve gone through it themselves.

Using their experience in the flipping industry, they’ve designed a loan program where the acquisition of the property is funded 100%. This frees up the funds a person would normally have to front as a down payment to be used for rehabbing the property instead. This eliminates all Fund Control, allowing the rehabber to pay off subs as needed and move quickly through their flips.

Our Promise

We promise to move quickly so that you may never miss out on a deal. We promise to act with integrity and be open and honest with you at every step of the transaction. We promise to treat all of our clients the same: with respect and transparency.

Where We Operate

We work in San Diego, Orange, and LA counties. We’ve recently started working in the Phoenix, Arizona market as well.

SD Equity Partners is located in Vista, CA. They offer financing for Bridge Loans, Hard Money Loans and Rehab Loans. The property type they primarily lend against is 2-4 Units and SFR. Their minimum loan amount is $200,000. Their maximum loan amount is $650,000. They offer loans for a minimum Term of 3 months. Maximum duration of 1 year. Although rates can change they are typically lending at a minimum rate of 12%. Maximum interest rate of 12%. Points charged are deal specific, but historically have charged a minimum of 4. Maximum points charged are 4.

These descriptions are limited information and meant for general reference purposes.
1611 A. S. Melrose Drive #367