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Property Types Assisted Living, Hotel, Motel, Multi Family, Self-Storage, SFR, Student Housing
Lendding Area NATIONWIDE
Loan amount Minimum $100,000
Loan amount Maximum $2,000,000
General Pricing or Guideline info Nectar provides fast financing for commercial real estate investors to fund pursuit costs, expansion, property renovations, CRE purchases, and/or cash out on properties you own. Use it for GAP funding or even refinancing high-cost debt. With our upfront equity financing, there are no property liens and no mortgages. You can also leverage a cash flow-positive entity and infuse that capital into a lower-performing or brand-new entity. To get started, your clients must provide the following*: ➡️ You must have cash-flowing real estate ➡️ Provide a T12 monthly profit and loss (P&L) ➡️ Include debt service and all expenses on the P&L ➡️ Established business entity and business bank account * Mortgage must be current. New appraisals are not required We specifically serve experienced commercial real estate owners and operators in the multifamily, short and long-term rental, assisted living facility, student housing, hotel & motels, and storage facility spaces who have stabilized cash-flowing assets. We provide an advance on your monthly net cash flow without requiring you to give up equity. The benefits: ✅ 7 to 21 day close ✅ No origination fee ✅ Keep your equity ✅ Flexible capital ✅ Set monthly payments ✅ No impact to personal credit or DTI ✅ No Mortgage liens on properties ✅ No tradelines on credit report ✅ Up to a 5-year term as long as 5+ years left on the mortgage term Once they repay their advance, we go away—and your client keep all of the upside from their properties.
Updated as of 2022-01-01

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Loan Types Bridge Loan

Nectar is located in Atlanta, Georgia. They offer financing for Bridge Loans.

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675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Suite 9500