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Genesis Capital

Customized lending solutions for real estate investors and developers.

Construction Loan
Ground-Up Construction

Property Types Multi Family, SFR
Lendding Area NATIONWIDE
Terms 6 month, 1 year, 18 month, 2 year, 3 year
General Pricing or Guideline info For liquidity we like to see 5-10% in cash against gross contingent liability.
Updated as of 2022-01-01

Summary of all Guidelines

Loan Types Bridge Loan, Construction Loan, DSCR Loan, Rehab Loan
Property Types 2-4 Units, Multi Family, SFR
Lendding Area arizona, california, colorado, florida, georgia, hawaii, idaho, nevada, oregon, utah, washington
Loan amount Minimum $1,999,999
Loan amount Maximum $5,000,000
Interest Rate Minimum 8%
Interest Rate Maximum 10%
Terms 1 year, 1.5 years, 3 years, 10 years
Interest Only or Amortized Interest Only
Personal Guarantee /Recourse Required Recourse, No Recourse


- Fast financing for acquisitions and recapitalization loans for finished projects
- For initial purchase until entitlement
- For refinance after cash purchase until entitlement
- For recapitalization of finished product
- No construction during the life of the loan
Up to 18 month terms

- Rapid renovation capital for single family, multifamily, and multi-unit projects
- Acquisition or refinance loans bundled with construction holdback < 50% of loan amount
Up to 18 month terms

- Ground-up development for single family, multifamily and multi-unit projects
- Project funding at initial stage or mid-construction
- Major renovations or brand new construction with holdbacks ≥ 50% of loan amount
- Up to 36 month terms

- A&D and ground-up construction financing for build-to-rent and production homebuilding
- For build-to-rent, land acquisition, A&D horizontal, or subdivision/infill projects
- One-time close option from Construction to Rental Hold
- Rental Hold: Up to 10 year terms
- No prepayment penalty during construction phase

Capital for lease-up and stabilized 1-4 units and multifamily (5+ unit) buildings
Purchase or refinance
Fully pre-payable, subject to sliding fee structure
Terms from 3 to 10 years, full-term interest only available


Vacation rental loans
Financing for the acquisition, renovation, construction, and stabilization of short-term rental properties
Purchase, refinance, construction and/or stabilization
Fully prepayable, subject to sliding fee structure
3-year terms, full-term interest only available
SFR portfolios, select multifamily and individual properties

Genesis Capital is located in Woodland Hills, CA. They offer financing for Bridge Loans, Construction Loans, DSCR Loans and Rehab Loans. The property type they primarily lend against is SFR, 2-4 Units and Multi Family. Their minimum loan amount is $1,999,999. Their maximum loan amount is $5,000,000. They offer loans for a minimum Term of 1 year. Maximum duration of 1 year;1.5 years;3 years;10 years. Although rates can change they are typically lending at a minimum rate of 8%. Maximum interest rate of 10%.

These descriptions are limited information and meant for general reference purposes.
21650 Oxnard Street, Suite 1700
Woodland Hills,