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Financing the deals that no one else will.
Loan Types Bridge Loan, Construction Loan, Hard Money Loan, Rehab Loan
Property Types 2-4 Units, Agriculture, Assisted Living, Automotive, Cannabis Related, Hospitality, Industrial, Land Entitled, Land Non-Entitled, Medical office, Mixed use, Mobile Home Park, Mobile/Manufactured Home, Modular Home, Multi Family, Office, Place of Worship, Restaurant, Retail, Self-Storage, Senior, SFR, Shopping Center, Special-Use, Strip Center, Student Housing, Warehouse
Lendding Area NATIONWIDE
Loan amount Minimum $15,000
Loan amount Maximum $1,000,000
Interest Rate Minimum 9%
Interest Rate Maximum 16%
Points Minimum 1st TD 2
Terms 1 year, 2 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 year
Prepayment Penalty None
LTV Bridge 60
Occupancy Non-Owner
Upfront Fees B.P.O. Broker Price Opinioni, Legal Review, Loan Documents
Personal Guarantee /Recourse Required Recourse
Intended Occupancy Non-Owner
Interest Only or Amortized Interest Only

General lending Parameters:

Loans from $15K-$1,000,000*
17-yr. term; 2 yrs. interest only, converting to 15-yr. full amo. in yr. 3*
“Start rates”: Yrs .1-2: From 9.99%; Yrs.2/3-17: 11.99-15%*

No prepay penalty nor balloon

LTV: 80-85% of purchase price for new borrowers; not to exceed 65-70% of ARV, with acceptable credit. Limits to rise, with good borrowing experience. No repair money.*

Borrower requirements: Tri-merge credit report with first loan (or we can run it) and copy of contract (if purchase). No credit pulls thereafter. No assets, no income, no first-born!

Origination fee split with Loan Originators, with minimum of 2 pts. to our office. If credit is below mid 600’s, possible adjustment on rate and/or LTV.*

All types of residential or residential income real estate, incl. condos, townhomes.

Commercial limited to offices and warehouses.

We make non-recourse loans to self-directed IRAs!!!

We do Transaction Funding.

We provide FREE Proof of Funds letters.

Furthermore, we:

Work with Loan Originators and Realtors to get loans closed at the 11th hour

Offer highly competitive hard money rates and high LTVs

Long-term loans.

No balloon nor prepayment penalties

No minimum credit scores required

Fund in 24 hrs. from clear title and lien search

Require only fire and theft insurance

We waive flood and wind (because of their high premiums and deductibles)

Loans throughout 46 States

No appraisals, no surveys on residential property, and NO DELAYS!!!

The EquityMax “team” has been established since 1990. We lend strictly our own money.

*Expressed rate/LTV could change or not be available at commitment or closing. Sufficient equity and/or a higher rate or points may be required.

EquityMax is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They offer financing for Bridge Loans, Construction Loans, Hard Money Loans and Rehab Loans. The property type they primarily lend against is SFR, 2-4 Units, Agriculture, Assisted Living, Automotive, Cannabis Related, Multi Family, Office, Industrial, Retail, Mixed use, Hospitality, Land Entitled, Land Non-Entitled, Medical Office, Mobile Home Park, Mobile/Manufactured Home, Modular Home, Place of Worship, Restaurant, Self-Storage, Senior, Shopping Center, Special-Use, Strip Center, Student Housing and Warehouse. Their minimum loan amount is $15,000. Their maximum loan amount is $1,000,000. Maximum duration of 1 year;2 years;10 years;15 years;20 year. Although rates can change they are typically lending at a minimum rate of 9%. Maximum interest rate of 16%. Points charged are deal specific, but historically have charged a minimum of 2.

These descriptions are limited information and meant for general reference purposes.
6216 N. Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale,