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Century Capital Partners LLC

Century Capital Partners, LLC is a direct lender who provides hard money loans for commercial real estate transactions
Loan Types Bridge Loan, Hard Money Loan
Property Types 2-4 Units, Automotive, hotel, Industrial, Medical office, Mixed use, Mobile Home Park, Multi Family, Office, Place of Worship, Restaurant, Retail, Senior, SFR, Shopping Center, Special-Use, Strip Center, Warehouse
Lendding Area connecticut, new-jersey, new-york, washington-dc
Loan amount Minimum $500,000
Loan amount Maximum $20,000,000
Interest Rate Minimum 10.5%
Points Minimum 1st TD 1
Points Maximum 1st TD 5
Terms 1 year, 3 years
LTV Bridge 50

Century Capital is a private lending company specializing in short term commercial real estate loans. We recognize that each loan presents unique circumstances and therefore we place emphasis on innovation and efficiency, working closely with our clients to ensure project funding.

Century Capital is a leader in the realm of direct lending, with closing times typically within two weeks, and a funding commitment issued within 48 hours. We strive to benefit clients who want to take advantage of opportunities requiring immediate action as well as clients that are facing financial crisis, such as foreclosure bailout or bankruptcy filing. Since funding commitments can be issued within 48 hours, our borrowers can proceed with their transactions, assured that a banking partner is present. All origination fees, including the commitment fee, are paid at closing.

Century Capital Partners LLC is located in Rochelle Park, NJ. They offer financing for Bridge Loans and Hard Money Loans. The property type they primarily lend against is 2-4 Units, Automotive, Hotel, Industrial, Medical Office, Mobile Home Park, Multi Family, Office, Place of Worship, Restaurant, Retail, SFR, Shopping Center, Special-Use, Strip Center, Warehouse, Mixed use and Senior. Their minimum loan amount is $500,000. Their maximum loan amount is $20,000,000. Maximum duration of 1 year;3 years. Although rates can change they are typically lending at a minimum rate of 10.5%. Points charged are deal specific, but historically have charged a minimum of 1. Maximum points charged are 5.

These descriptions are limited information and meant for general reference purposes.
336 West Passaic Street, Suite 310
Rochelle Park,