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Major Metropolitan Areas in Southern California

Loan Amounts:
$500,000 – $5,000,000

Financing Types:
First Trust Deeds Only

Property Types:
Residential (Business Purpose) & Commercial Properties

Loan to Cost:
Up to 70%

Interest Rates
Starting at 7.99%

Origination Fee:
Starting at 1.5%

1-2 Years

We can finance single family homes and 1-4 units as well as apartment, retail, industrial and office buildings. In some instances we can even finance tenant improvements. At Streit Lending, we fully grasp the complexities associated with constructions projects. Consequently, we tailor a loan’s structure, including interest reserves and construction draw schedules, to meet our borrowers’ needs.
Subsequent to closing, we work closely with our borrowers to ensure the successful completion of their construction projects. Depending on the loan, we can often offer in-house fund control at no additional cost.