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Loan Types Commercial Loan
Property Types Mixed use, Multi Family
Lendding Area NATIONWIDE

Product Offering
•5/6 ARM
•5/6 ARM 10 Year IO (40 Year Term)
•5/6 ARM 10 Year IO (30 Year Term)
•30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
•30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage (10-year Interest only)
•40 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage (must include a 10-year Interest only period)
Min | Max
$250,000 | $2.5M
Property Types
•5-8 Units Residential Properties
•2-8 Units Mixed-Use Properties
•Minimum 50% of square footage must be residential
•Minimum of 2 stories
Prepayment Penalty
•Required 5-Year PPP Required
Limitation on Financed Properties
•Capped at 6 loans or $5,000,000

These descriptions are limited information and meant for general reference purposes.