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$228,750 2-4 Unit Property Cash-Out Refinance Loan

Funded By: Silver Hill Funding

Closed Loan in Houston, TX: This transaction successfully closed in Houston, Texas, underlining our reach and capability.

Property Type: 2-4 Family: The property in question falls under the category of 2-4 Family, showcasing the versatility of our lending solutions.

Purpose: Cash-Out Refinance: This loan served the purpose of a Cash-Out Refinance, providing financial flexibility to the borrower.

Loan Amount: $228,750: The loan amount for this transaction is $228,750, demonstrating our commitment to facilitating diverse lending needs.

LTV: 75%: The Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio stands at 75%, reflecting a balanced and prudent lending approach.

Term: 30-Year Fixed: This loan offers a 30-year fixed term, providing stability and predictability for the borrower.

Interest Rate: 8.375%: The competitive interest rate of 8.375% ensures favorable terms for the borrower.

Broker Made: $5,718.75: Brokers involved in this transaction earned $5,718.75, highlighting the potential for lucrative partnerships.

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